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This is a small site that aims to help you answer the question, "Where can I register my domain and host my website and email?" and remove some of the myth and mystery from the hosting and domain-registration business. This business is very competitive, and as a result the marketing "gurus" have taken over, peddling their -- for lack of a more descriptive and professional term -- bullshit, in an attempt to confuse the general public. This marketing BS is often referred to as FUD -- "fear, uncertainty and doubt" -- a marketing gimmick that assumes that you, the consumer (and this applies whether you are a personal or business consumer) are easily frightened into being uncertain about what is available to you and doubtful of your ability to make intelligent decisions. You know that you're better than that.

Goals: Among others, one of the goals of this project is to highlight two of the assumptions of the "unlimited everything for $4.95 a month" hosting companies. Those assumptions are that there is anything in this world that is "unlimited", and that price is the only determining factor in choosing a company to fulfil your hosting and domain-registration needs.

NinerNet™: Who is NinerNet Communications™? NinerNet™ is a small hosting company that would love to be huge. Well, to be more precise, it's a company that would love to have huge revenue with little outlay of work or expenses, including salaries. But we've been around long enough (since 1996) to know that that pipe dream, like some of the others described on these pages, doesn't exist. We also have a small problem that does limit us somewhat; we like to refer to the people who entrust us with their hosting as "clients", rather than "customers". Perhaps to some there's little or no difference, or it's only a matter of perception or status. Those statements may be true, but it's the personal touch that keeps NinerNet™ clients from moving elsewhere, and it keeps them referring new business to us.

Advertising: Why is there advertising on this site? In creating this mini-website we're providing a resource that we hope will be useful to you. Sure, we'd like to direct your business our way, but we're not naïve enough to believe that everybody who visits this site will be convinced by our arguments. That's fine. For those people we provide the choice of clicking through to some of our competitors. They will anyway, so, since we're in business to make a profit, we may as well make an attempt to make some money on referrals. Please note, however, that the advertising on this website is controlled by Google, not us, so we have no say in what appears here and the chances are extremely high that we do not have any sort of relationship (direct or indirect) with the advertisers that appear.

Feedback: We're open to your feedback on this site. We make some strong statements here and take a stand on a few issues. Think we're full of it? Want to disagree with something we've said? Maybe you think we deserve a pat on the back for telling it like it is, or just for helping make things a little clearer for you. Whatever you have to say, we're happy to hear it. Thanks.
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